Hello I’m Johnna : )

Johnna Shryack

I am a Intuitive Energy Healer who assists people with information and guidance. I have conducted seminars on such topics as Balancing the Physical and Spiritual Energy, Healing Prayers, Chakra Energy. My intuitive guidance and energy healing sessions have brought clarity and balance to many people. An author of two e-books, the first entitled, Healing Prayers for the Physical Body. I give the reader 72 prayers for healing many areas of the body related to disease. In my second e-book entitled, Seeing Through the Illusion, I writes short stories to enlighten the mind of the reader. Twenty plus years of experience in the medical field and a lifetime of conversations with her Spirit Guides and the Collective Consciousness, has prepared me for this exciting field of service.

This Website

This website was designed to assist those persons searching for assistance in the quest for energy healing and spiritual growth needed to move forward on their journey. As a guide, I assist each person in many different ways with information and assistance to obtain and maintain their own healing.

When most people think of the word healing, they are referring to healing in a physical tangible sense; something that can be visually seen and measured. Healing as used in the dictionary is defined as the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering.

Each inner spirit is unique to each individual assigned to develop, mold and experience its message. We each have different adventures to experience on this path we call life, and some of those experiences require us to feel the emotions of physical and psychological hurt or pain. When we internalize these feelings and do not release them after the experience they remain within our cells and can eventually develop into discomfort and disease.

A persons energy field or aura can darken with the existence of this negative energy and the forward progress of life’s adventure becomes stagnate, awaiting a clearing, or healing of energy, before being able to assure positive movement again. When held over a long period of time, or many life times, this negative energy can pose serious physical and spiritual harm to the body and soul of an individual. The longer the length of time this energy is held, the more difficult the healing process to clear it and the more difficult moving forward becomes.