The Cosmic Pole Shift

In August of 2006 a cosmic pole shift transpired that altered forever the fabric of reality, and kick-started our initiation into the new creation. Similar light and frequency now repels, while same matter and energy attracts – a reversal of what went before. And the consequences this has for literally everything – from relationships to healing modalities – are fundamentally profound.

Mastering Your Inner Self

Have you ever had an experience, when, someone you know or someone you have not seen in a long time all of a sudden “pops” into your head? Then, a short time later you get a call from this person out of the blue….creepy huh! Well, not really! This has happened to me, and Iā€™m sure, many others on more than just one occasion. In fact, when working in my office, my office manager and I use to bet a small wager on who we thought would be calling the […]