Angel Readings

You probably asked yourself what are Angel Readings. Ros Place will tell you more about the words of the Angels and their higher meaning in our lives. Well, Angel Readings give us the opportunity to see the reasons for the problems and pain that exist in our lives. The Angels know why we are feeling guilt, pain and why we are often distracted. They can see why our lives are not how we desire. Angels come from love. They exist as messengers to remind us of our true purpose in […]

Intuition Can Strengthen You During Difficult Times

All of us were created with an innate inner wisdom which guides our lives, serves as an inner “truth meter” and helps us to make important decisions at critical turning points in our lives. Some call this natural gift intuition, spiritual guidance or “gut feelings”. Each of us connects to intuition in our own unique ways. Those with artistic or musical gifts may call upon their muse to inspire them with creative ideas. Those whose work involves great physical or mental endurance may connect with their inner wisdom by challenging […]

The 7th Chakra

The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is located where a baby’s soft spot is.  It symbolizes the totality of creation, wholeness and completion and relates to consciousness as pure awareness.  The element is thought as it relates to inspiration, divine wisdom and perception beyond space and time.  It is oriented to self-knowledge and Universal identity. When out of balance, it is difficult to make decisions or have a sense of belonging. When this chakra is functioning properly, we feel spiritual connection to all, bliss and peace with ourselves. Balance is […]