Feet Massage Therapy Techniques

Foot & Feet Massagetechniques video clip to relax the thighs and soothe tired legs, feet and improve circulation Athena is an alternative health practitioner doing Cranio-Sacral Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage Therapists.

The Art Of Healing By Herbs

Herbalism is a traditional medicinal method of health care based on the use plants and plant extracts. Herbal medicine is the art or science of growing and collecting plants and their extract for preparing and utilizing plants for the enrichment of health. Natural medicine is the best option available to treat certain illness and ailments. Healing herbs are all around us, present in spices, gardens, lawns and in the natural environment around us. Prior to the industrial revolution, they were still used by one and all. Today, we have the […]

The Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy is an ancient holistic healing technique. The theory behind this alternative medicine is that through the application of pressure to the foot, the practitioner may affect specific reflex zones in the body, producing a reduction of stress and pain. While much of reflexology as yet to be scientifically validated, individuals who have received treatments swear by it, and insist that reflexology is responsible for reducing imbalances and blockages involved with chronic illness. Reflexology zone therapy massage is founded on the principle that specific zones […]

Positive Energy Therapy

Since the beginning of time,crystals have proved to be of great value to mankind.Crystals are used to increase wealth,longevity,relationships,and for power & popularity. They have curative powers as well as the power to pour in fortune & drive away evil.Certain crystals have the power of healing & fortune giving & have made life happier for many people. Crystals are mother earth’s gift to us,formed within her body,they are living energy,in a way they are the key to the universe.Each particular type of crystal can be seen as a key,& we […]

Alternative Medicine Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy is an alternative medicine that has been utilized for centuries. It is a natural way to align ions within the human body. You may be a skeptic, but there are millions of people who have tried magnetic therapy magnets and been astounded by the results! How are the ions constructed within the human body and how does magnetic therapy help to relieve pain and illness? As you know by now, the Earth has a magnetic field that constantly pulls and pushes molecular ions that you cannot see. These […]