Meditation Music

Music for meditation and contemplation from the creative visualization and dream manifestation. If you like new age type meditation music, you’ll love the soothing ambient sounds created to help you chill out.

Stress Free Living

I know that many of you will be thinking what will meditation do for me, why is it so important and of course ‘I don’t have time to sit around trying to clear my head, I’m busy’. Well let’s be honest here, do you suffer from stress, now think about this a little more, because the answer is yes and if you’re not sure about that read on and think a little more…and don’t forget to check out my recommendation for easy stress relief. Our stress and tiredness of everyday […]

Effective Meditation For Stress Relief

Meditation is defined as the art of unwinding your body, mind and spirit through stillness and engrossment. Meditation can come in numerous forms, and is typically connected to some religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, religions such as Islam and Christianity often use some forms of meditation during spiritual ceremonies and supplications. Meditation has been recorded as being practiced at least for five thousand years, although much of the history of this meditation is long lost. It is thought that the Buddhists movement beginning sometime around five hundred BC […]