Spiritual Quotes on Energy Healing

This video features quotes from a well-respected energy healer. You can send and receive positive spiritual energy for any purpose. You can leave a personal request for anything, be it money, health, healing, relationships, or prayers for someone else, even your pets. These are personal requests that anyone who sees it will send you positive energy for. If you are interested in alternative healing, health, the aura, hara, four star dimension, positive alignment, pranic healing, or healing related to crystals, meditation, therapeutic touch, distant, remote, distance, absent, and intuitive healing […]

Healing of Addictions with Archangels

Reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthful substances, foods, behaviors, or patterns, with the support of the healing Archangel Raphael. Filmed in a Serenity Garden in Kona, Hawaii, this meditation guides you through a process which has helped many people to heal from addictions. When your cravings are reduced or eliminated, healing is a gentle process without using willpower. This leaves you free to choose healthful foods, beverages, and behaviors, and increases your self-esteem, self-confidence, and time in your schedule.

Spiritual Healing

It is early hours of the morning. There is a mist hanging over the valley. The air is brisk and autumnal and there is the scent of charcoal smoke and incense wafting into my room. There is a crisp silence. It is only when I venture out of my room I can hear the gentle chanting of monks as they chant the sutras in the middle hall. This is the first morning of a mindfulness meditation retreat at Guang Jue Temple near Zaoxi China in Zhejiang province. It is the […]

An Old Man’s Tale

Each afternoon on a bench just on the edge of the park, where the grass meets the sandy beach of the sea, sits an old man. His skin is weathered by the sun and the wind, his clothes worn and tattered, but his eyes are warm and kind. As he sits quietly, almost trans-like, his body slowly comes alive with animated gestures and his story telling begins.

Meditation Music

Music for meditation and contemplation from the creative visualization and dream manifestation. If you like new age type meditation music, you’ll love the soothing ambient sounds created to help you chill out.

A Rivers Journey

The gentle flow of a river over the rocks, cutting through the land, passing the plants forever grounded along its shore line, brings to mind the path of least resistance our lives rarely take, but often seek.  With little resistance the water cuts down through the land, cutting a path and leaving behind a rich soil to which the plant life are grounded and thrive. Plant life anchors into the land, just as the values and principles we hold so precious anchor us to the belief system from which we […]