An Old Man’s Tale

Each afternoon on a bench just on the edge of the park, where the grass meets the sandy beach of the sea, sits an old man. His skin is weathered by the sun and the wind, his clothes worn and tattered, but his eyes are warm and kind. As he sits quietly, almost trans-like, his body slowly comes alive with animated gestures and his story telling begins.

A Rivers Journey

The gentle flow of a river over the rocks, cutting through the land, passing the plants forever grounded along its shore line, brings to mind the path of least resistance our lives rarely take, but often seek.  With little resistance the water cuts down through the land, cutting a path and leaving behind a rich soil to which the plant life are grounded and thrive. Plant life anchors into the land, just as the values and principles we hold so precious anchor us to the belief system from which we […]

A Reflection

Take a look into still water and find the reflection of your image looking right back at you.  Take another look and try to determine the depth of the water, just by looking at it.  On the surface it appears shallow and harmless, but unbeknownst to you a dangerous under current or deep hole maybe hidden under the still, reflective surface. The depth of one’s soul is often referred to as that which is found under the still water of the exterior image you project, and the windows to such […]

A Position Between Two Truths

We are not merely the physical creation of our parents; we are also the spiritual creation. Each of us is a product of two people and their lives have had an irrevocable effect on that which you are.

A Mystical Experience

If you have ever had a mystical experience that allowed you, if only briefly, to see the future in front of you, then you have experienced the magnitude of energy one can acquire when functioning in the higher self. This state of leaping ahead cannot be maintained for very long without training and practice. Trying to talk to someone who is operating in normal consciousness, or trying to live in a world where conflict surrounds you, can extinguish the higher state and you will fall back to the conscious level […]

A Measurement Of Time

A measurement of time is an analytical rational applied to an illusionary existence.  There is a compelling need for man to measure or define his existence. He uses time as one of the measuring sticks, defining each moment as a second, minute, hour, day, month, and year. Control of this time/space reality is what drives our ego and makes the self so erratic and at times emotional.  What would happen if we turned all the clocks or time measuring devices off?   What if we choose to live only in the […]