The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful medical tool. Mayo Clinic devotes an area to the use of hypnosis. The primary reason is that it works. Of course, placebos also work. This is probably the reason that the hypnosis is so effective in many areas of medicine. Just like the placebo, the belief of a healing enters the mind and when it’s strong enough, the healing occurs. Originally, hypnosis was primarily for the treatment of pain. Often birthing centers offered the option of hypnosis to the soon-to-be mother to relieve the pain of […]

Psychic Healers Can Become Your Best Friend

In today’s world, mostly people are having a thrust to know about their present and future happenings whether good or bad. This is being required by them not in order to exactly overcome them but at least to have control on those influences. People suffering from various problems and diseases also get to psychics for the solution. By the time psychics help others to overcome the diseases and also cure some of the problems. Curing is termed as healing in psychic world. Thus, the professionals involved in this healing process […]

Accepting Remote Healing

Healing is the natural process by which the body and the mind repair themselves, be it spiritually, emotionally, or mentally. The body is such a magnificent creation designed perfectly to function in the most effective way.  Unfortunately, over time, certain kinds of diseases have found its way in our world; some of which have developed a strong resistance to drugs. The changes in how we do things have also led to a number of abnormal medical conditions. These diseases and abnormal body conditions has psychologically imprisoned most people. This is […]

How To Open The Third Eye Chakra

Want to unlock your psychic abilities and inner vision? Learning how to open the third eye chakra is the gateway to unlocking these special powers that we all naturally possess.

Intuition Imagination and Instinct Differ

I’ve found people can sometimes confuse intuition with imagination or instinct. This article is meant to clear up any confusion you might have about the differences between these important concepts. Let’s start with instinct. Your instincts are your inherent genetic survival drives. All living creatures have some level of instincts, from the lowliest microbe to mankind. They do not require any intelligence, and they don’t involve any kind of inspired guidance from your Higher Self. Instincts are part of the basic drives wired into your physiology. Imagination, on the other […]

Long Distance Healing

The best long distance healing is done with the utmost skill and love. Distance healings are one of the most potent forms of healing that is available in our world today. In my 20 years of working as a healing arts professional, I have been amazed over and over at the results that can be produced via absent energy healings. Miraculous happenings, in fact! Here are some important tips to know. How It Works Remote healing transcend the boundaries of every day life. What normally appears to be impossible becomes […]