Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness

There seems to be alot of talk lately about Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness. But what does it all really mean? Humanity has been placing so much emphasis on these concepts lately, that they are now often used as judgmental terms of comparison and competition.

Interesting Facts About Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine methods are usually based on philosophies that go against the grain of modern day medicine. Sometimes they incorporate spiritual practices, pre-modern medical traditions, or completely new approaches to the healing process.

A Time for Congratulations

In the last 60 days, much of humanity has experienced strange events both individually and collectively. What these events represent is the manifestation of of each group’s or soul’s choice to either leave this planet or to clear out the remaining past life energy within their own body’s system and move forward in vibration.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

When it comes to making decisions on vital issues in your life and making choices that have the potential to move you forward, it is important to know that how you make your decision is nearly as important as the decision itself. Learn about your inner guidance system and look to see if your choice is being made out of fear, doubt and/or lack of worth. OR is your choice being made with trust, love and faith? Your body will always let you know if you ask it. If the […]

Souls Passing On

When it comes time for someone to pass on, it is important to remember how that soul touched humanity. As long as a soul brought happiness and Love to just one other individual, then their life has been worth living. So often humanity waits for a soul to pass to celebrate that soul’s life, however this should be a daily occurrence. It is truly sad that so much of humanity does not express their joy and hope each day to those that they love. Look at your own life; do […]

What is Alternative Medicine?

What is alternative medicine? This is a term used to describe the different forms of medicine other than conventional methods. Alternative medicine includes a wide variety of medical practices including non-European (non-Western) medical practices and will include some new approaches to medicine. There is also a term called complementary medicine. This is a combination of conventional medicine coupled with alternative medicine. With increasing research and new findings in medicine there is a universal rise in the Western nations of alternative medicine. In the Eastern part of the world, namely the […]