Illuminating the Shadow

The recent eclipses have caused much of the hidden energy, both individually and collectively, to come to the surface. This may have been experienced as lethargy, lack of motivation, unhappiness, being unsatisfied with the status quo, and even deep anger and sadness. Eclipses are a very important Astrological event as they help to illuminate the shadow side within everything and everyone. This helps humanity to recognize and release all of the pockets of energy that have unknowingly been hiding. These pockets can contain things from childhood, or emotions and feelings […]

Going with the Flow of Energy

Deep emotional clearing can be such a difficult thing to go through. So many souls that do not have the knowledge of past life energy, have such a problem in letting go of old patterns and situations that keep repeating themselves over and over again in their lives. Even after you have knowledge of these problems, it still can be difficult to stop them completely. When you are on the path of increasing your spiritual awareness, facing these past life fears is one of the most important things that you […]

Root Chakra Healing Meditation

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies attuned to the Root Chakra, by gifted sound energy healer Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith

An Old Man’s Tale

Each afternoon on a bench just on the edge of the park, where the grass meets the sandy beach of the sea, sits an old man. His skin is weathered by the sun and the wind, his clothes worn and tattered, but his eyes are warm and kind. As he sits quietly, almost trans-like, his body slowly comes alive with animated gestures and his story telling begins.

The Era of Peace and Cooperation

Many souls are reaching into the depths of their own being to bring to the surface any fear-based emotions that need to be cleared and released.

A Reflection

Take a look into still water and find the reflection of your image looking right back at you.  Take another look and try to determine the depth of the water, just by looking at it.  On the surface it appears shallow and harmless, but unbeknownst to you a dangerous under current or deep hole maybe hidden under the still, reflective surface. The depth of one’s soul is often referred to as that which is found under the still water of the exterior image you project, and the windows to such […]