Metaphysical Gems

From the ancient times wonderful jewelries were the element of the status and power of women and men. The body was decorated with different talismans, gemstones, amulets, rings etc. Nowadays this trend is supported by the celebrities. The popularity of the talismans and amulets increases with every day. The talismans and amulets have metaphysical essence. Usually the amulets are created to improve the mind, to find the love, to keep save or to be defeated of evil. There are many different gems and every gem has magical power and qualities. […]

5 Tips to Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is the God given gift to all creatures of this planet from day one. Although we, humans have lost touch with this precious God given gift, the animals on this planet are still enjoying this life saving gift of Intuition. We humans are out of touch of this gift since we have moved away from nature and become social animals that mainly lives from the neck top computer and have forgotten about the aged old wisdom of our bodies. There are many ways to rapidly develop your intuition but […]

Intuition of Human Beings

Sometimes it gets so hard to make a decision of any kind. This is when the intuition steps in. Have you ever felt like believing something is true though your suspects do not really have a firm ground? They say people have five senses excluding intuition. Intuition is the sense every person has, though not everybody knows they do. It is pretty doubtful we actually own such kind of supernatural gift, though most of us are likely to believe we do. So, what is intuition? It is a human’s ability […]

Accessing Your Intuition

ntuition, sixth sense or gut instinct. What do these really mean? In my opinion, intuition is the quite connection to the wisdom of our soul. This wisdom is always there, patiently waiting to guide us; we need only to listen and be aware.

Tuning Into Intuition

The fact is that our intuition is always “on.” It is constantly giving us information, every day of our lives. Imagine a radio music station, running quietly in the background, wherever you are, whatever you may be doing.

Debunking the Psychic Intuition Myth

Skeptics have often wondered how psychic intuition works. Is it real, or isn’t it? Well, allow me to elaborate on what exactly “psychic intuition” is: For starters, every human being – man, woman and child, is born with a certain level of “psychic intuition.” Most of the population isn’t even aware of this innate power, which each and every one of us possesses.