Characters in a Play

When a person puts on a costume to play a part in a play, they assume the persona of that character. The performance reflects their interpretation of the characters personality, body language, and thoughts. Just as when an athlete puts on the uniform prior to his stage entrance, he too assumes the role of the mighty warrior of sport. Identified only by the position he takes on the playing field, his identity is transformed from the single identity to the member of a team. The role becomes the safe haven […]

Seeing Beyond the Illusion

On the edge of a pond one sees a beautiful waterfall cascading into the water below. If one gets carried away in only what they see, then they will not realize that there is a deep cavern behind the tumbling waters. In this cavern is abundant riches beyond the dream of any one person. If one can gain the clarity to see beyond the riches, then a new passageway will emerge. This passageway leads to a grand pyramid within the mountain. Inside this pyramid is the pure Love of the […]