Intuitive Healing Results

The popularity of intuitive healing is becoming more and more apparent. Still, there are a number of individuals out there who has never heard of the practice, finding the process quite intimidating. In a more spiritual approach, illnesses are caused by the presence of stagnant energy. By undergoing intuitive healing, your energy flow can be corrected, thus curing you of the sickness. Listed here are three simple steps of intuitive healing you can practice on your own. The first step is for you to locate the problem in your body. […]

Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual word is associated with god. Today is the time of science and technology and this new era of intelligence generally not believe in existence of god. Spirituality involves the acceptance of god beyond intelligence and with whom we have relationship. Healing the body requires a deeper healing of spirit, which is based on metaphysical principals. Technique Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole parts of the body of a person including mind, body and spirit. Healers act as a conduit for […]