Chakras Cleansing Guided Meditation

This video contains a simple guided meditation for Cleansing the Chakras for those who have difficulties in visualization and for those who wish to try a different way of cleansing the Chakras.

Guided Meditation by Abraham Hicks

In a rapid paced world that we are breathing in, we repeatedly showered with a number of burdens from work and our family all together. This certainly led to soaring stress level like witches in our lives and hence increasingly individuals are in search of means to slow down and chill out. The most efficient way to relax, and up till now not quite recognized, is guided meditation by Abraham Hicks. Scientists have proved that the brain control the whole body responses to terrible or good situations. They make out […]

Simple Relaxation

This guided meditation is is one part of a three-part relaxation and stress management system. This guided meditation uses visualization techniques and a subtle rhythm to guide your mind to the relaxing Alpha state. You will experience a deep relaxation of the body and mind. The focus of this meditation is to quiet the Somatic Nervous System (Voluntary Nervous System).