Removing Toxins From The Body

Toxins are very hard to avoid. It is there in the air we breathe. It is there in the food we eat. It is there in the products we use. You just cannot escape them. Since we cannot avoid them, the only other option is to eliminate them. Detoxifying our body means cleansing it and flushing out all the toxins from it. The liver and the kidneys are the main organs whose job is to flush out all toxins from the body. There are several ways to detoxify the body. […]

A Intuitive Leap

Intuition—a faculty most of us value, many of us have developed, and some of us work with professionally. Especially for those of us who work as professional intuitives or use it in our healing work, intuition’s value to us is so great that it’s woven into the daily fabric of our lives so seamlessly that we don’t even consciously notice at times that we’re using it. We’ve learned that intuition has many benefits over and above the guidance it can give us when we’re looking for insight. It can strengthen […]

Intuitive Guidance From Yourself

Asking questions is definitely a highly powerful way to request and receive intuitive guidance. Asking questions of your Higher Self, your unconscious mind, deities, or whatever powers you believe in, will sharpen and hone your intentions to receive guidance, and throw open the doors of your mind to receive it. Whenever you humbly and sincerely ask for help or guidance, you are signaling that you truly desire that help or guidance, and that you are willing and anxious to receive it into your heart and mind. As you might expect, […]

Pain Relief Using Hypnosis

For many years, hypnosis was part of the birthing process for women that didn’t want to experience pain, wanted to remain alert and didn’t want the risk that a spinal block posed.