6 Months to Live

Suzanna Marcus is an internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher, energy healer and author, who travels the globe leading individuals and groups in meditation and transformation. She has been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups for over two decades. Her experience is a culmination of extensive training in healing, alternative medicine, counseling, mystics and the visual arts. This background has provided Suzanna with particular gifts, offering others a unique healing experience. Suzanna is dedicated to raising levels of consciousness and awakens us to the path of creative […]

Feet Massage Therapy Techniques

Foot & Feet Massagetechniques video clip to relax the thighs and soothe tired legs, feet and improve circulation Athena is an alternative health practitioner doing Cranio-Sacral Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage Therapists.

Spiritual Quotes on Energy Healing

This video features quotes from a well-respected energy healer. You can send and receive positive spiritual energy for any purpose. You can leave a personal request for anything, be it money, health, healing, relationships, or prayers for someone else, even your pets. These are personal requests that anyone who sees it will send you positive energy for. If you are interested in alternative healing, health, the aura, hara, four star dimension, positive alignment, pranic healing, or healing related to crystals, meditation, therapeutic touch, distant, remote, distance, absent, and intuitive healing […]


A short animation that supports you in visualizing your body in perfect health and wellness. Watching the video daily is a form of Mind/Body medicine and a powerful adjunct to any healing practice.


Aromatherapy is nature’s way of fixing things that are wrong with the human body. Now it seems like a new thing to us but it certainly isn’t. The first men to walk this planet didn’t have high priced drugs to use to treat ailments so they had to learn how to rely on natural healing. For many thousands of years mankind relied on natural remedies and found out that they worked quite efficiently. The human body comes from the dust of the earth and so do all manner of plants […]

Healing of Addictions with Archangels

Reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthful substances, foods, behaviors, or patterns, with the support of the healing Archangel Raphael. Filmed in a Serenity Garden in Kona, Hawaii, this meditation guides you through a process which has helped many people to heal from addictions. When your cravings are reduced or eliminated, healing is a gentle process without using willpower. This leaves you free to choose healthful foods, beverages, and behaviors, and increases your self-esteem, self-confidence, and time in your schedule.