Positive Energy Therapy

Since the beginning of time,crystals have proved to be of great value to mankind.Crystals are used to increase wealth,longevity,relationships,and for power & popularity. They have curative powers as well as the power to pour in fortune & drive away evil.Certain crystals have the power of healing & fortune giving & have made life happier for many people. Crystals are mother earth’s gift to us,formed within her body,they are living energy,in a way they are the key to the universe.Each particular type of crystal can be seen as a key,& we […]

Metaphysical Gems

From the ancient times wonderful jewelries were the element of the status and power of women and men. The body was decorated with different talismans, gemstones, amulets, rings etc. Nowadays this trend is supported by the celebrities. The popularity of the talismans and amulets increases with every day. The talismans and amulets have metaphysical essence. Usually the amulets are created to improve the mind, to find the love, to keep save or to be defeated of evil. There are many different gems and every gem has magical power and qualities. […]