Don’t Fear Change

Recently the word change has become a frequently used word in our vocabulary. Our financial institutions are promoting a change in the lending practices, our government is looking to change our economy, the younger generations are imploring a change in policy concerning our environment and the older adults want a change in the healthcare system. But what really does it mean to change? I looked up the word in the dictionary and found it to mean to substitute, alter or vary. Change implores doing something different than what you are […]

Connecting on Common Ground

Resistance to change in inevitable, and yet growth and expansion cannot occur without it. Change is simply taking a known idea or process and expanding on it in a different direction. That known process or idea is referred to as the “common ground”. In business, as in life, a process or idea is put into place and utilized to reach an expected goal; an example of this could be found at the local retail checkout counter. Three feet before the register is a stand of under a dollar items, simply […]

Healing Soul Wounds

Each of us have soul wounds that we came here to heal. These are our most difficult and painful inner issues. We have the choice to see our soul wounds as a curse or as a challenging opportunity for transformation.