Chakras Cleansing Guided Meditation

This video contains a simple guided meditation for Cleansing the Chakras for those who have difficulties in visualization and for those who wish to try a different way of cleansing the Chakras.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies attuned to the Solar Plexus Chakra, by gifted sound energy healer Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith

The Seven Chakras Energy Centers

The definition of the chakras means wheel, as they continually spin according to vibration frequencies unique to our very own bodies and energy centers. Basically stated, our consciousness in the form of energy moves from one chakra frequency to the other in a spiraling manner.

Welcome The Throat Chakra

One of the greatest fears most people have is speaking (or performing) in front of others. It pushes major buttons like: What if I screw up? What will they think? I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of others, so I just won’t do it. What if I say something they don’t like? I might get fired. God forbid if they know what I really think. And this is just the short list.

Using a Pendulum To Release Blocked Chakras

Many people would like to use a Pendulum to help them with their healing work, but are unsure how it should be used. It is very simple if you follow these simple steps. Hold it between your thumb and index finger using whichever hand is most comfortable. Relax! It is important to let the natural vibrations of your body move the Pendulum – your sub-conscious knows what you need to know. It will show you the answer by picking up and amplifying the subtle vibrations from your sub-conscious, causing it […]

How To Open The Third Eye Chakra

Want to unlock your psychic abilities and inner vision? Learning how to open the third eye chakra is the gateway to unlocking these special powers that we all naturally possess.