Feet Massage Therapy Techniques

Foot & Feet Massagetechniques video clip to relax the thighs and soothe tired legs, feet and improve circulation Athena is an alternative health practitioner doing Cranio-Sacral Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage Therapists.

Body Cleanse Using Lemon, Water and Honey

Lemon, water and honey can be combined to cleanse the body, but it should only be done for one day at a time, and only pure ingredients should be used. Prepare each cleanse drink individually throughout the day.


A short animation that supports you in visualizing your body in perfect health and wellness. Watching the video daily is a form of Mind/Body medicine and a powerful adjunct to any healing practice.

Removing Toxins From The Body

Toxins are very hard to avoid. It is there in the air we breathe. It is there in the food we eat. It is there in the products we use. You just cannot escape them. Since we cannot avoid them, the only other option is to eliminate them. Detoxifying our body means cleansing it and flushing out all the toxins from it. The liver and the kidneys are the main organs whose job is to flush out all toxins from the body. There are several ways to detoxify the body. […]

Heart Chakra Energy

The heart chakra of compassion is the fourth of the seven chakras in the energy body. It is located at the level of the physical heart, at the center of the chest. Maintaining a healthy heart chakra, will go a long way in providing good physical,emotional, as well as spiritual health for yourself. This fourth chakra is responsible for the organs in your body that have actions of expansion and contraction. The heart and lungs are some examples. It is also closely tied with the movements of the arms and […]