The Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy is an ancient holistic healing technique. The theory behind this alternative medicine is that through the application of pressure to the foot, the practitioner may affect specific reflex zones in the body, producing a reduction of stress and pain. While much of reflexology as yet to be scientifically validated, individuals who have received treatments swear by it, and insist that reflexology is responsible for reducing imbalances and blockages involved with chronic illness. Reflexology zone therapy massage is founded on the principle that specific zones […]

Health Benefits of Daily Meditation

If you are serious about meditating it is important to set yourself a schedule or timetable so you can meditate on a frequent basis. You don’t have to meditate every day, but you do want to arrange your life so you have some time set aside on a regular basis. Meditation is often miss-understood by those that do not practice it. However, just because people do not understand the ideas behind meditation doesn’t mean that it is not a worth while thing to do. Many people that practice meditation on […]