Body Cleanse Using Lemon, Water and Honey

Lemon, water and honey can be combined to cleanse the body, but it should only be done for one day at a time, and only pure ingredients should be used. Prepare each cleanse drink individually throughout the day.

Alternative Medicine Advantages

Alternative medicine is defined as any approach to health care that are used in place of or are outside the field of conventional medicine. Most of the time, alternative medicine involves products and techniques which are generally not recognized by the medical community. Also, this type of curative standards and procedures are normally chosen by individuals whose ailments for some reasons have not been cured by prescribed drugs or any other kind of conventional medicine. In addition, alternative medicine can be divided into five major domains of practice. These domains […]

All About Meditations

Coping with the demands of the modern world – like handling multiple jobs, communicating across different time zones, and squeezing so many activities in a day can bring our stress levels to soar way beyond what we can handle. The result could be anything from simple fatigue to serious depression. If all those self-help books about busting stress and the loads of multivitamins and energy boosters don’t seem to help your feelings at all, you might be missing out on a simple, no-cost means to combat stress and pressures – […]