Energy Healing Johnna ShryackEnergy Healing

As an Energy Healer I tap into the energy field surrounding a person’s physical body and scan it for blockages and disease.

I do not at any point physically touch a person’s body, but work entirely within the energy field surrounding the physical body.

I begin by opening the chakra system to receive healing energy. Scanning from the top of the head, down the entire body, to the bottom of your feet. I look for signs and symptoms of disease and discord within the bodies energy field. With the help of my spirit guides I return to the areas in question and administer healing energy. From the bottom of your feet I remove the disease and discord. The final step is to close the chakra system.



Intuitive Reading Johnna ShryacjIntuitive Readings

Maintaining physical health and balance is a process that must be lived on a daily basis. Addressing symptoms is a defensive approach to life. Why not take a pro-active or offensive approach, and prevent the negative energy from coming into your aura. This sounds like a better way to live a mind, body, and spiritually balanced life, but how do I do it?

I offer guidance, and tools to use on a daily basis to aid in maintaining this balance. With the assistance of my spiritual intuition and guides, I can assist clients with the issues and emotions they face in their daily lives, and give support and solutions to overcoming these obstacles. The goal is not to take on the negative emotion associated with the stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings that are presented on a daily basis.