Metaphysical Gems

From the ancient times wonderful jewelries were the element of the status and power of women and men. The body was decorated with different talismans, gemstones, amulets, rings etc. Nowadays this trend is supported by the celebrities. The popularity of the talismans and amulets increases with every day.

The talismans and amulets have metaphysical essence. Usually the amulets are created to improve the mind, to find the love, to keep save or to be defeated of evil. There are many different gems and every gem has magical power and qualities.

For meditation the best decision is to use the crystals. Crystals help the body and find to find harmony, balance and energy. If the people have a desire to attract love and friendship, buy pearls and wear them as often as possible. The amber can help to open he third eye.

Diamonds can increase the sexual energy and the sapphires develop the friendship. Canelian waken the senses and emerald develops dreams and imagination.

Hematite is very popular among those people who have a desire to be smarter and more intelligent. Jade balances wisdom and Lapis develops awareness. Jasper has calming effect and protects from the hazards. The star sapphire develops creativeness, awareness and confidence.

Malachite reduces the stress and defends from negative emotions. Opal helps to increase intuition and activate healing skills. Rose quartz is well known as love stone and smoky quartz – as defender from negative. Tiger eye will open the third eye and garnet brings success in business and creative work. Agate will help the people to achieve closure. Blue tourmaline will help you to be creative.

The jewelry is not just a fashion; it is also a symbol of power. The general population becomes interested in the jewelries after the celebrities. The celebrities believe that they achieve the success and become popular because of the gems.

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