Top 4 Reasons to Meditate Daily

Stress management is something we are all aware of during the last 10 years, daily meditation is proved to reduce stress levels.

1- Relaxing, stress management

Meditation is the easiest tool around to bring your body and mind to a blessed rest. During our daily routine our body works to give us energy, and the ability to get the most of each body system. This often causes the body to “neglect” other chores that are not top priority like: detoxification, getting rid of extra fat, dealing with free radicals and more. These chores become a burden to the body, as it straggles to keep up with our western hectic life pace.

Meditation gives the body a chance to take care of it self.

2 – Healing pain and various disorders

A lot has been said and written about the healing power of meditation, and daily meditation multiply the effect. Reducing the stress and pressure of our everyday lives on a daily basis can make a significant change in the functionality of the body systems, and the calmness of the mind. This is a tremendous healing power, knowing that over 80% of the pains, diseases and disorders are stress related.

3 – Self improvement

Meditation is known for it’s contribution to anyone making a change in his life. Daily meditation helps to discharge negative feelings like: anger, resentment, hate, disappointment and more. Getting rid of all those negative feeling, is a great opportunity to get more love and understanding to your life that will support and enhance any change you want to create in your life.

4 – meeting with your inner self and guidance

Another reason to meditate is to meet your inner guidance. Clearing your mind from thoughts and being non-judgmental, allows a clear connection to your inner guidance. One of the most popular meditation technique in this matter is to meditate on a problem or question that you have unsolved, and wait for massages and insights about it during the meditation.

Irit Sharir

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