Learn How To Meditate

Meditation varied with cultures and tradition, which is the reason of the difficulty to define it and its use. Meditation can guide you, give you a rest, make your desire visualized, make your spirit satisfied; it has so many uses that when you just step into its world, you will feel confused.

The most important thing in meditation is to bring attention back to the present moment. Sometimes our attention will run away to some place but here. We will learn to fix our attention on here and now after learning for some time.

When our mind is not settled on now, where is it settled then? Only four places are possible:

The past – feeling nostalgic or regretful of the way things happened in the past

The future- looking forward to or worrying about the future

Marking people- giving high or low marks on the comprehensive impression others give you

Comments on ourselves- giving comments on whether our behaviors reached the standard in our mind

Our minds tend to be taken away by the four things stated above. During meditation, you just need to call your wandering mind back.

If you want to learn how to meditate, here is a good beginning exercise. Leave yourself 5-10 minutes in a place without noise and pressure. Focus on nothing but your breath, and you need not to see anything at this moment.Get curious about your breath and just watch it? How does the ins and outs of breath work together? Just the point between them, can you hold it and pour your attention into it?

Naturally, your mind will start to fly. You do not need to feel sorry about this. When you find your mind fly away, you just let it fly back.
When time is ok, open your eyes and return to the present step by step after a few minutes’ meditation. You will probably feel much more relaxed and energized.

The moment you begin to learn meditation, you step on a trip to discover yourself. With the process going on, you will know more about yourself, what shares your attention and your desires.

Felicia Fillmore

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