Tuning Into Intuition

“How do I know it’s really my intuition talking? How do I know I’m not just making things up?” This is one of the biggest concerns many of you seem to have when it comes to accessing your own intuition.

The fact is that our intuition is always “on.” It is constantly giving us information, every day of our lives. Imagine a radio music station, running quietly in the background, wherever you are, whatever you may be doing. The music is so omnipresent that you don’t even really hear it anymore. Every once in a while you may catch an auditory glimpse of it, a sweet chord that all too soon gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But because it is always with you, it colors your life through your emotions and moods. Subconsciously, you are absorbing information from it all day long. This is how we get “gut feelings.” Our subconscious sends us intuitive information, and suddenly something hits us as being “off.” Or we feel incredibly drawn to people or situations. Most of the time, this is how our intuition communicates with us.

Now, however, we wish to access our intuition at the conscious level. We want answers to specific questions. We want information around the issues we are working on right now. And so we sit down and meditate. We dowse. We use tarot cards, runes, angel cards, or whatever other medium we may be drawn to. We turn up the volume on that radio. And invariably, we’re a little disappointed. “This can’t be my intuition,” we think. “I already knew all that.” The little voice inside of us is just like our own. It’s nothing earth-shattering at all.

The music of our intuition has been running quietly in the background all our lives. Is it any surprise that, when we turn up the volume, every song seems awfully familiar? There are no lightning bolts, no striking visions that remove us completely from reality. No booming voice resounds in our head, gifting us with startling revelations that change our lives. That’s the Hollywood version, but that’s not how it happens.

The voice of your intuition is a quiet, familiar voice. It’s your own! Your intuition is a part of you, and always has been. You’ve been hearing it every day of your life. The difference is that now you’ve started listening. When you consciously tune into that little voice, trust it. Believe in your own inner wisdom. Act on what that small, familiar voice says. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Start with a leap of faith, and see how your life unfolds.

Andrea Hess

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