The Secret To Open Your Chakras

This technique is effective in opening and clearing your chakras. You can either use this on yourself or on others. If you are going to use this method on your self, i recommend doing so in the bathtub or shower. The reason for this, is because by already being in the water it will be much easier for you to rinse your hand after each chakra is opened.

If you are performing this on someone else other than yourself, rinse your hand in a bowl of water after each chakra is opened. Water is fluid and you will be releasing the energy into the water to avoid doing any harm to yourself or others. Alright so let’s get started!

1.) Place your hand with your palm facing down on your forehead. If you are a man, use your right hand. If you are a woman, use your left hand. Keep your hand wide open for more effective energy absorption. If you are performing this on another person, place your hand about two inches above each of the seven chakras. Do not touch their body.

2.) Now release into your hand, all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, you have recently experienced that you have kept locked up inside of yourself. When you are sure that you have released everything, you may take your hand off your forehead.

3.) Now move your hand onto your throat. Release all the negative words you have spoken or has been spoken to you.

4.) Next, place your hand on your heart. You should notice a pleasant warmth inside. This is the truth of your being, take a moment to appreciate this.

5.) Now move your hand to your upper abdomen where your third chakra is located. Release into your hand, all the ways you may be tied to others through negative emotions, bad relationships, or traumatic experiences.

6.) Move on to your second chakra located just bellow the navel. Take a moment to find the balance between your masculine and feminine energy. Say over and over again that you are a man/woman and possess the power of the masculine/feminine.

7.) Next, place your hand at the Root chakra. Located at the groin area. Again, if performing this on someone else be careful not to touch them. Release any remaining negative energies or grudges you may be holding onto. You will feel refreshed and revived after you have released everything.

8.) Lastly, look up and absorb the spiritual light coming down onto your crown chakra. Let it flow all the way down to your toes and feel it illuminating your entire body.

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