Intuitive Guidance From Yourself

Asking questions is definitely a highly powerful way to request and receive intuitive guidance. Asking questions of your Higher Self, your unconscious mind, deities, or whatever powers you believe in, will sharpen and hone your intentions to receive guidance, and throw open the doors of your mind to receive it.

Whenever you humbly and sincerely ask for help or guidance, you are signaling that you truly desire that help or guidance, and that you are willing and anxious to receive it into your heart and mind. As you might expect, clearly and specifically asking for the help you desire sends a clearer, stronger message, making an answer easier to receive and increasing your sensitivity to the answer in whatever form it may take, whether direct or symbolic messages sent to your consciousness, or signs and whispers that manifest themselves in your outer world.

Nearly all living beings ask such questions internally from time to time, though seldom in the conscious, directed fashion that brings answers. Do you ever find that your inner dialog contains questions and thoughts like these: “I wish I knew just what to do here”, or “Is this job really right for me?”, “I really need some help with this!”, and so on. If so, whether you realize it or not, you are seeking for guidance from your intuition and perhaps receiving answers, yet are not really in a receptive state, leaving you despairing and insensitive to the responses you do receive.

Learning settings and practices that are most personally appropriate for asking your questions and receiving responses can affect your results in a direct and profound way. Likewise, learning the nature and form of questions that you are most attuned to is truly a key to the success of your asking, and refining such will optimize your intuitive potential. The more conscious you are of the nature and form of the questions you ask, the more you invite greater focus and clarity, both in terms of your current existence, and to your openness to accept the guidance you invoke through them.

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