Intuition of Human Beings

Sometimes it gets so hard to make a decision of any kind. This is when the intuition steps in. Have you ever felt like believing something is true though your suspects do not really have a firm ground? They say people have five senses excluding intuition.

Intuition is the sense every person has, though not everybody knows they do. It is pretty doubtful we actually own such kind of supernatural gift, though most of us are likely to believe we do.

So, what is intuition? It is a human’s ability to sense or know anything immediately without firm reasoning. Intuition has been studied since Pharaoh’s times. During those times it was a burning and debatable topic to discuss. Women, being able to use their intuition on purpose, were considered to be either witches or gods’ messengers. Until nowadays intuition is still not examined till the end. Scientists differ in opinions whether some specific people can possess the inner voice or everybody can.

It is considered that usually left-handed people are most likely to use their intuition effectively; as it is a well-known fact they are more creative than right-handed ones.

But, as a matter of fact, everybody is able to use it correctly. You just need to know the necessary formula. The most spread training of your intuition is to try to guess anything unpredictable at least once a day. (Unless it is a multiply choice on your exam paper, you’d better not use intuition in this one!). To be serious, take, for example, a deck of cards and guess which card lies on the top. At first define if it is red or black, then comes the suit. Do not get upset if it does not work at first, keep on trying over and over again. The important thing is to concentrate! The intuition will show itself, you will see.

Jennifer Burns

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