Healing Soul Wounds

Each of us have soul wounds that we came here to heal. These are our most difficult and painful inner issues. We have the choice to see our soul wounds as a curse or as a challenging opportunity for transformation.

These wounds developed in our psyches as children when our parents or caretakers were unable to be as supportive, nurturing and attentive as we needed.

Because we saw our caretakers as omnipotent, we decided whatever was problematic for us in our relationship with them must be our fault or due to our inadequacy.

In addition to the healthy reflection we received from our caretakers, we also got messages about ourselves which were not beneficial to our growth. To our detriment, we believed the negative messages and turned them into limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world. It is fascinating that we continue even now to carry these childhood wounds which drain our energies daily and diminish our contentment with life.

Soul wounds are made of entrenched limiting beliefs about ourselves which adversely affect our relationships, health, work, finances, happiness, productivity, confidence, ability to take care of ourselves . . . just about every area of our lives!

Do you know what your limiting beliefs are? They are not always easy to recognize. Soul wounds may be repressed into the unconscious mind. Examples of soul wounds are: “Nothing works out for me; people are against me.” “Men always abandon me.” “I am too much, people can’t handle me.” “I am intrinsically bad and need to be punished.” “I’m not enough; nothing I do is ever good enough.”

In childhood, painful experiences typically happened in relationship to parents and guardians. We got hurt because our parents were too focused on their own needs and couldn’t be there for us. They might have abandoned us emotionally or even physically. Parents have their own problems, and if they did not heal their own wounds from growing up with their parents, they are bound to pass them on to their children.

A wound starts to heal when you take responsibility for it and stop blaming others. It heals as you stay with the painful feelings, listen to them, and accept them. Often our parents could not listen to our pain, anger, fear or sadness when we were young. This is what you need to do for yourself now.

In order to heal, you need to care for yourself like a loving mother: be with the feelings, create a safe place for your feelings, and feel the feelings all the way. You need to become the nurturing parent you always needed, accepting yourself as you are, painful feelings and all.

If you find yourself ready to undertake soul growth, it is helpful to find a friend, counselor, or coach who understands the process, has done their own work, and can support you on the path to healing. I hope you are intrigued to learn about your soul wounds.

As you heal, energy is freed which can be channeled into new talents, creativity, and strengths. The healing will affect every area of your life, attracting new opportunities, more satisfying relationships, abundance, and joy.

Nina Cherry

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