Accessing Your Intuition

Intuition, sixth sense or gut instinct. What do these really mean? In my opinion, intuition is the quite connection to the wisdom of our soul. This wisdom is always there, patiently waiting to guide us; we need only to listen and be aware.

The blatant use of intuition is often scorned in our rational, logic-driven society. As school children we were all taught the scientific method, to question and look for proof before we make decisions or take action. While such behaviors can positively affect our lives they severely limit our perspective. We can only see what is right in front of us.

But what is lying just beyond our limited view? Possibilities, choices and opportunities that we are probably unaware of, unless we know how break through the veil of our limited perception by using our intuition. Accessing our intuition allows us to connect with the Universal field of knowledge. In this field, all possibilities and knowledge exist. This is the realm of our soul and we all have a ticket for admission.
There are innumerable classes and books dedicated to teaching us how to successfully use our intuition. All are valuable and the more tools we have the richer our experience becomes.

One of the simplest and most practical tools I have found for tapping into your intuition is the pendulum.
The pendulum is an ancient tool stemming from the dowsing rods people used to discover water. Just as dowsing rods detect the energy of underground water, a pendulum can detect and read the subtle energies around and within us.

A simple, yet effective pendulum can be made by tying a button onto a string or fishing line. A necklace can even be transformed into an object of intuition. You can also buy ready made pendulums at your local metaphysical store.

Once you hold a pendulum in your dominant hand, ordinary mundane materials are magically transformed into an Oracle that has direct communication with your intuition.

Pendulums work by giving yes or no answers to clearly stated questions. Before using your pendulum you must program it. Hold the end of the string and ask your pendulum to swing in a clockwise direction for yes, counterclockwise for no and back and forth for maybe.

Once your pendulum is programmed you have a tool that will allow you direct access to your intuition at any time. You need only clear your mind and allow yourself to receive the truth.

Rebecca Kimes

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