Accepting Remote Healing

Healing is the natural process by which the body and the mind repair themselves, be it spiritually, emotionally, or mentally.

The body is such a magnificent creation designed perfectly to function in the most effective way.  Unfortunately, over time, certain kinds of diseases have found its way in our world; some of which have developed a strong resistance to drugs. The changes in how we do things have also led to a number of abnormal medical conditions. These diseases and abnormal body conditions has psychologically imprisoned most people.

This is what Theta Healing aims to answer. But what exactly is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a procedure in which an individual make use of natural energy to heal emotional and physical diseases. The human body utilizes theta brainwaves needed in healing the body.  Upon controlling these brainwaves, an individual develops the ability to do self-therapy on all aspects:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the help of the Creator of All That Is.  This technique is developed by Vianna Stibal.  Vianna discovered this method when she was diagnosed with cancer affecting her right femur.  After she was healed of cancer, people began to search for her to ask for help how she recovered dramatically in the said deadly disease.

Back in the late 90’s, when Ms. Vianna healed from the cancer that is eating her right femur and from a congestive heart failure, she had asked so many questions as what made her heal so fast.  It was later when she realized that the Creator wanted her to know that she has a resilient body. All she had to do was encourage her body.  This experience formed the basis of intuitive healing and had pushed Vianna started to teach this process to other people.

Another great idea by Theta Healing Group is the existence of remote healing or simply known as distant or intuitive healing where the sick person is distant away from the healer/s.  In this kind of procedure, distance does not hinder the healing process.  All it needs is the acceptance from the sick person that he wanted to be treated.

Ms. Stibal had written books entitled “Theta Healing” and “Disease and Disorder,” wherein she revealed the most effective energy-healing techniques. This healing method is being thought worldwide by trained theta healers.  Courses also include distant healing.

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