Ego; Who Is He?

The Ego is the most questioned and misunderstood part of the metaphysical journey.  Defining what the Ego is can be far easier than conquering it.  The Ego is your proverbial blessing and curse.  It is your identity as an individual and must be developed in order to advance your consciousness. This identity is what separates you from the masses and allows you to stand unique.

While the separation or uniqueness is ultimately an illusion, it is a necessary part of your development in order to recognize the internal spiritual being used to develop your higher consciousness. The ego is an insecure and unpredictable character with an insatiable appetite.   Its primary motivation is self-importance.  It is also the primary drain on your energy and the power you possess.  The ego is imagination and memory rolled into one and is protected and driven by the self.  This is not you, but an extension of the illusion of you.  The ego hates change and unpredictability, wanting to be comfortable and follow a routine at all cost.  That is how it maintains the illusion and control.

While developing this uniqueness is a necessary part in the evolution of your consciousness, it must not be the stopping point or the end all answer.  Unfortunately, most people stop here and make camp, never moving or growing from this point on.  They stay in a comfort zone of life-long residency.  You are an energy field, and as an aspirant of power, you must see yourself this way and move away from this childish and limiting line of thinking of self.  As an energy field you are ever changing and expanding.  We are a manifestation of one infinite source, many individual energy fields operating in a larger collective field. The moment you challenge yourself to do something you could never dream of doing-to push the envelope so to speak, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually-you have expanded your possibilities and power.

The egos number one fear is extinction or death; therefore, it sucks your energy like a vampire, attempting in every way imaginable to make it real.  Do you want to know if you are being driven by your ego?  Then ask yourself these simple questions… how many times on a daily basis do I defend myself?, protect or correct my self-image?, or attempt to win approval for myself or my  ideas?

Johnna Shryack

2 thoughts on “Ego; Who Is He?

  1. i found this very enlightening, but also very challenging, maybe that is my ego talking, i do find it very difficult to go beyond my comfort zones, sometimes they feel like a brick wall, how do i move beyond them!! fear rears its ugly head, love and light, namaste, xx

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