Don’t Fear Change

Recently the word change has become a frequently used word in our vocabulary. Our financial institutions are promoting a change in the lending practices, our government is looking to change our economy, the younger generations are imploring a change in policy concerning our environment and the older adults want a change in the healthcare system. But what really does it mean to change? I looked up the word in the dictionary and found it to mean to substitute, alter or vary.

Change implores doing something different than what you are presently doing. Why, then, must it be qualified as good or bad? Is change not just changing? Change itself is the act of doing, it is not the outcome. By doing you are neither good nor bad, you just are.

Such fear has been associated with the word change. Our society developed a phobia against any kind of change. The outcome is too unpredictable to chance; we would rather do nothing at all and complain about it than to chance a change for the better.

Has the ego and self become so powerful that we are no longer able to move forward in a progressive direction? Logic tells us that staying where we are is not going to solve our current situation, and yet fear holds us here. In times of change we turn to outside sources for guidance; church communities, social groups who offer support, and experts in particular fields of study all hold reverence. The answers are found within us, the fear is found within ourselves and the direction of hope and progress is found within ourselves.

Turn within and do not rely on the outside sources to bring guidance and direction in this time of change. Change is the action verb it is not the outcome, the outcome is determined by our action and reaction the task at hand. Look enthusiastically toward change and welcome it into your daily lives. The energy it projects is astounding and the results are life changing.

Johnna Shryack

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