Destruction Has a Name

Destruction is a process of taking down and rebuilding, of cleansing a space to rebuild anew. It can enter with a tremendous force, with a loud noise, and a widespread devastation. It can also enter unknowingly in the shadow of darkness, creeping silently, stealth-like just below the radar of detection.

Such is the way an illness enters the body, and consumes everything in its path. With no conscious knowledge of its existence, only the symptoms of weakness, fatigue and aching are the precursors for the impending turmoil which is about to unfold. Nagging joints, a tired worn out feeling and weakness are just signs of age and a very active lifestyle, or so she convinced herself. She will slow down and take some time for herself when the kids are grown, the business takes off, the holidays are over, or someday. But what if someday is today?

Silence can be an eerie feeling. Soothing music on the radio paired with the winding country road; bring a nice break from the chaos of the day. Nature’s beauty is found along the ditches and through the wide open countryside. Appreciation for the beauty of life is often overlooked until a crisis overtakes you.
The greatest advances of spirituality are almost always preceded by a difficult life situation, for peace, joy and true power is internal. As seasons change, so does a shift in her energy. The daily exhaustion is replaced with a renewed energy and a false sense of overacting. All those around her felt the shift as well, and the life that had eluded her for so many months had returned with a vengeance.

Sailing through the days and weeks ahead with the strength of a person many years her junior, she took on projects and forgot of the drudgery she experienced a short time ago. The destruction known as cancer knows no rest, and will take its victim if she does not heed its warning. Her destiny was within her being, as she played the role courageously. Each step calculated to optimize the lesson to be learned. For there are no accidents in life, and with each cell destroyed holds the promise of a new beginning; a cleansing to build anew.

Johnna Shryack

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