Daddy’s Little Girl

When we first began to evolve consciously, we automatically begin to receive opposite-sex energy. It comes in naturally from the energy in the universe. But we must be careful, because if another person comes along who offers this energy directly we can cut ourselves off from the true source. Most parents compete with their own children for energy, and that has an effect on all of us.

Because this competition is taking place, none of us have resolved this opposite-sex issue. We are all stuck at the stage where we are looking for our opposite-sex energy outside of ourselves, in the person of a male or female we can think of as ideal and magical and can possess sexually.

Using a female child as an example, all little girls know the first attempts to integrate her male side is through her father. She wants him around and close to her all the time. Looking for the male energy to compliment her female side she draws this from her father. From the male energy she receives a sense of completion and euphoria. But she mistakenly thinks that the only way to have this energy is by keeping her father close physically. She knows that this energy is really suppose to be her own and that she should be able to command this energy at will, she wants to direct her father as if he were that part of herself. She thinks he is magical and perfect and able to supply her every whim.

This sets up a power conflict between the little girl and her dad. Dramas are formed as she learns to position herself in order to manipulate him into giving her the energy she needs. But a father who would remain uncompetitive in his energy would continue to relate honestly and have enough energy so as to supply her unconditionally even though he does not do everything she asks.

Open communication about who he is and what he is doing and why, assists the little girl in a realistic view of her father as a human being with his own talents and faults. Once this true balance takes place, then the child makes an easy transition from receiving her opposite-sex energy from her father to receiving it as part of the overall energy existing in the universe at large. The problem with making a whole person from two people, one supplying the male and the other supplying the female energy, is two heads or two egos. Both people want to run the whole person they have created and so, just as in childhood, both people want to command the other. This illusion of completeness always ends in a power struggle with each person taking the other for granted and taking all the energy in order to command the direction they want to go.

Johnna Shryack

One thought on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. I am VERY confused by this comment Johnna and tie into “Daddy’s little girl”. Let me pose this. My father was verbally abused as a child, nothing was ever good enough to his mother. With me, I was the love of her life and she never said a cross word to me. She died young of a stroke. He had a huge drinking problem and carried the verbal assaults forward to anyone close to him. His 4th wife finally stuck mostly b/c of her bizarre nature and his money. He has unleashed verbal assaults onto me my entire life, unrestrained and cruel beyond imagination. How do you separate the ego’s there and “accept” him to move into a healthy adult relationship? Ive ended up pushing away males or “testing” men in my life. Which in turn caused the 2 men I loved most to finally leave, exasperated. Always successful at work, I was horribly harrassed and then laid off after a stellar 20 yr career as a Sr Program Mgr 6/2009. He was supportive for first time in life- I thought things were changing. NOPE– I made mistake of asking for help. He UNLEASHED, calling me loser, saying I should be forever ashamed, my mistake not his. Im about to lose my home of 17yrs b/c Ive missed Nov/Dec mortgage payments and Ive NEVER missed ANY creditor payments before, but he’s pissed that I didnt sell right away “as he told me to” (which I swear he didnt). Now he calls and wants me to “get over MY ISSUES and come over for Xmas”. He puts me down for sport especially when he has an audience. Yet his wife tells me that he is so hurt by my situation he cant even talk about it. Ive had 2 great offers rescinded due to contracts being lost, or them needing me cross country in less than 6 days (when we agreed on 2-3wks in interview and I had to pay relocation). I dont even have money for moving anywhere. Now that my Cobra is gone at end of Dec, I have been trying to work anywhere- but companies stopped hiring us b/c people have left them high/dry when received offers or needed to fly off to interviews. I make it final selections but lose out each time to inside or male candidate. Great networking opps in Jan- but if get jobs– it will take 2 mos to get offers. Cant let my Dad be right. Im NOT a loser– but Ive always been successful and yet I cant seem to secure any positions that will even pay a portion of my bills.

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