Connecting on Common Ground

Resistance to change in inevitable, and yet growth and expansion cannot occur without it. Change is simply taking a known idea or process and expanding on it in a different direction. That known process or idea is referred to as the “common ground”. In business, as in life, a process or idea is put into place and utilized to reach an expected goal; an example of this could be found at the local retail checkout counter.

Three feet before the register is a stand of under a dollar items, simply displayed and yet never advertised. These items are stocked more in the store than any other counter; why you ask, because as you wait in line to purchase your items you browse in boredom, scanning this counter. Over three quarters of people in this line will pickup and purchase at least one of these items. The goal of selling these products is obtained. Now we want to increase the profitability of the store. I choose to use the same register display concept, but increase the price point by seventy-five cents per item. I have used the “common ground” principle and changed it to achieve my new set of goals; increased profitability.

So now you say where is she going with all of this, and how does it relate to my growth and expansion as a person in the spiritual world? Making the little changes in our everyday life, by taking a common habit or occurrences and changing it slightly, can redirect your choices and lead you in the new direction you desire. Inviting someone new to join you at the lunch table at work, can boast their self esteem and give you a fresh new perspective on some old thought processes. Be open to new ideas and find the like thoughts between the group where you can agree; then add interpretation and change to those existing ideals. In your daily commute to work, change the music you listen to, listen to a book tape on something you want to learn or read, or turn off the radio entirely, enjoying the drive and observing those around you. These two simple changes can change the direction and bring a positive shift into your life. Once you begin the process, shifts will occur without your knowledge or direct involvement. Positive people and places will surround you and change will be a part of your everyday plan. Look at your common ground, the everyday routine you have fallen into and make the seventy five cent change to improve your profitability and reach your goals.

Johnna Shryack

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