A Rivers Journey

The gentle flow of a river over the rocks, cutting through the land, passing the plants forever grounded along its shore line, brings to mind the path of least resistance our lives rarely take, but often seek.  With little resistance the water cuts down through the land, cutting a path and leaving behind a rich soil to which the plant life are grounded and thrive.

Plant life anchors into the land, just as the values and principles we hold so precious anchor us to the belief system from which we base the thoughts and actions of our daily lives. Our lives too flow through obstacles of challenge and strife, meeting lessons and mirrors head on an endless journey to our destiny.

The river chooses a path of least resistance to reach the mighty ocean, but we choose a path of turmoil and resistance. The rivers waters may move at a gentle pace or a swift current, but the vision is never lost and the easiest path is always taken. Rarely do you meet a soul that has adopted the rivers philosophy of ease and persistence. It is difficult to comprehend why a soul would choose hardship and pain to obtain the abundance that lay before him.  Our river takes us on the journey of life, depositing richness along the way. An ever changing shore line of lessons learned brings each of us growth and abundance.

I can only assume the sign posts of intuition, ease and acceptance must be hidden among the thick brush along the banks for so many souls who take this journey. Focusing with one eye on the flow of life ahead of us, and with one eye on where we have been, is like paddling with one oar swirling in the water of indecision and doubt. Focus on what is in front of you, staying open to the sign posts along the shore.  Meet life’s opportunities with ease and persistence.  Open your heart to the gentle flow of the river.

Johnna Shryack

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