A Day Like No Other

This story begins on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in early August. The birds were chirping, the sky was a glorious powder blue, and the air warm but dry. The usual Midwest humidity had not crept into the morning, so it was a perfect day for a drive.

At the coffee shop a crowd had gathered, all in seeming no particular hurry, just enjoying the start of a wonderful Sunday.

Rather than taking the interstate for my usual trip home, I chose the winding country back roads. It was a more scenic route, with its curvy roads, and rolling hills along endless fields of corn and beans; the perfect backdrop to the sunny morning.

The drive was peaceful and serene, allowing a chance to review the anticipated visit in my head. Over the next hill and a couple of quick turns, and then the road is straight and narrow following along the river for the next twenty or so miles. But the journey abruptly stopped. A broken windshield, smashed dashboard, and a pile of crumpled metal was all I had in my view now. Smoke softly rose above the metal and into the dark sky. Movement had stopped and time stood still, the beauty that surrounded me was obscure.
The events of the past two minutes were inconceivable in my mind; was this terrifying illusion or a twist of fate?

The mind plays games with you when you are sitting alone in the calm of a storm. Sounds come and go, but you cannot tell if they are real. An oasis clouds your frontal vision with images of people running to your aid, but they are not really there. The stunned mind reacts with first disillusionment and then panic. You cannot break free from the pile of rubble that entraps you. An unwilling hostage to a situation you would have not predicted or could have controlled.

The numbness the physical body experienced is now replaced with excruciating pain as awareness of the situation sets in. Soon the pain over takes the mind and sleep comes. Such events in one’s life are often referred to as life changing and believed to be signs of change. I know it changed me, and abruptly made me face my destiny with my master.

A choice is given to grow in spirit or remain in a lower vibration destined to repeat the lessons again. I chose the higher spirit; for as difficult as the journey ahead is, it is nothing to compare with the journey I took on that sunny August day.

Johnna Shryack

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