Intuitive Healing

The popularity of intuitive healing is becoming more and more apparent. Still, there are a number of individuals out there who have  never heard of the practice, finding the process quite intimidating.

In a more spiritual approach, illnesses are caused by the presence of stagnant energy. By undergoing intuitive healing, your energy flow can be corrected, thus curing you of the sickness. Listed here are three simple steps of intuitive healing you can practice on your own.

The first step is for you to locate the problem in your body. Take a moment and pinpoint which part of your body is aching or is having a discomfort. Connect to the emotion you are suppressing because of the pain in your body and let it come to the surface. Let go of your inhibitions and be as scared, as whiny or as angry as you want to be.

The next step of intuitive healing requires the activation of your energy flow. It is important to keep your energy moving throughout your body at this point. Find the center of your Intuition, your sixth Chakra as they call it. Your Chakra is located right in the middle of your eyebrows. Tap it for ten to thirty seconds.

The last step involves anchoring the healing energy. To do this, you must press your middle finger against your chakra, the point right between your eyebrows. You must hold that pressure in your Chakra while chanting “Instant healing”. This part of intuitive healing triggers the healing process in your body. After the whole process, release the pressure in your Chakra and clear any thoughts from your mind.

Before you can use your skills for intuitive anatomy search, you would need to rest for 24 hours after each session. You can do this by taking a warm bath or by having a quick nap. Now, just because you have your energy flowing perfectly in your body, it does not mean you can run and win a marathon the following day. It only assures you that you are making progress towards healing your body. Single session of intuitive healing is often enough. For those with chronic diseases, they can practice intuitive healing as often as fourteen days.

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