How to Use Healing Prayers

Healing PrayersWhen working with the healing prayers, begin by first deciding where the healing is needed. Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths. Clear your thoughts as best you can; concentrate on your source of discomfort or pain. This may or may not be located where you believe your ailment is.

Take as long as you need to locate this point, and then slowly through deep breathing, identify type of discomfort you are experiencing. (Sharp pain, discomfort, ache, etc.) When you are satisfied with your message, go to that body part listed in the healing prayer book and recite the prayer associated with the physical source. Repeat the prayer daily at a minimum to receive the maximum benefit.

The Process of Healing

The process of healing is just that, a process. Guidance through the information can be difficult. Below I have complied six steps that I believe are helpful in achieving the healing result you are looking for, and guidance to a more balanced you.

Steps in the Healing Process

Identify the physical source or symptom of the pain or discomfort.
Find the emotional attachment to the physical symptom.
Locate the purpose or source of the emotion or emotions.
Connect visually the symptom and the emotion.
Send healing energy to the visualized area.
Release the emotion, still connected to the symptom, together into the universe.
Repeat the process as needed, until you have cleared the emotion or reduced the symptom.

Some symptoms are extreme or difficult and have been with you quite awhile. Such symptom needs to be reduced in a gradual process, with many repetitions over time. Pain, swelling, burning or chronic discomfort will need to be reduced to a tolerable state, so you can concentrate on the healing exercise.

Assistance from a trained healer in this process is recommended if you find it difficult to tap into the emotion on your own. This person can help identify the emotion or emotions, and assist in the visual and releasing steps of the process.

Meditation is an excellent tool to use to bring you to the place of relaxation and visualization needed for success in releasing the emotion.

Do not dismiss the medical tools you have already been assigned to assist you in the discomfort and healing of the condition. Chemotherapy, physical therapy, medication, and other modalities play an important role in the healing process, as they reduce, re-train or eliminate the negative energies of the physical body and aid in the healing process. Add to these tools your emotions and the shifting of your energy, and you will have a complete healing and balanced physical and spiritual body.