Healing Prayers: P – Z

How To Use Healing Prayers

When working with the healing prayers, begin by first deciding where the healing is needed. Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths. Clear your thoughts as best you can; concentrate on your source of discomfort or pain. This may or may not be located where you believe your ailment is. Take as long as you need to locate this point, and then slowly through deep breathing, identify type of discomfort you are experiencing. (Sharp pain, discomfort, ache, etc.) When you are satisfied with your message, go to that body part listed in the healing prayer book and recite the prayer associated with the physical source. Repeat the prayer daily at a minimum to receive the maximum benefit.


Divine Healing Energy, release any bitterness, over-concern, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and confusion from my pancreas. Assist me to experience sweetness, nurturing and joy. Help me to become stronger, more confident and more empowered so that I can be heard, feel listened to and validated. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my pancreas and all related organs to their maximum health and well being.

Rib Cage

Divine Healing Energy, assist me to release all feelings of fear, control, limitation, burdens, self-doubt and sabotage from my rib cage. Help me discover my spontaneous, free and flexible nature. Allow me to find new ways of thinking and seeing life and transform all doubts into faith and self-confidence. Thank you

Please heal and strengthen my rib cage to its maximum health and vitality.


Divine Healing Energy, remove all feelings of strain, stress, worry, insecurity, overwhelm, hurt, rejection and sadness from my shoulders. Assist me to find blessings and opportunities even in the most challenging experiences. As I stand here in this warm, yellow sunlight, the rays penetrate deep into my shoulders to soften the muscles and dissolve all the tension. Renew courage, balance, confidence and joy into my life Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my shoulders to their full strength and mobility.


Divine Healing Energy, I direct you to release all feelings of unworthiness, sadness, self-doubt and lack of choice from my throat. As I focus on the color blue, it surrounds my throat like a soft blue cloud. Allow the softness of the cloud to float into my throat, filling it with confidence and the ability to speak up honestly, lovingly and clearly. Strengthen and improve my communication abilities. Assist me to open up to wonderful new possibilities, enhanced relationships and greater self-confidence. Thank you

Please heal and regenerate my throat to its maximum health and vitality.


Divine Healing Energy, help me to re-connect to the source of love, well being, and happiness. Allow me to move ahead with confidence into the future of my dreams. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my veins to their maximum health.