Healing Prayers: G – O

How To Use Healing Prayers

When working with the healing prayers, begin by first deciding where the healing is needed. Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths. Clear your thoughts as best you can; concentrate on your source of discomfort or pain. This may or may not be located where you believe your ailment is. Take as long as you need to locate this point, and then slowly through deep breathing, identify type of discomfort you are experiencing. (Sharp pain, discomfort, ache, etc.) When you are satisfied with your message, go to that body part listed in the healing prayer book and recite the prayer associated with the physical source. Repeat the prayer daily at a minimum to receive the maximum benefit.

Gall Bladder

Divine Healing Energy, frees me from all resentment, grief, self-sabotage, confusion, neglect, anger, and hurt from my gall bladder. Please renew my ability to make clear, powerful, successful decisions. Allow me to open my mind to experience abundance, ease, flow and self-love. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my gall bladder and all related organs to their maximum health, vitality, and function.


Divine Healing Energy, release all worry, inflexibility, control, resistance, loneliness, isolation and tension I carry in my hands. Please renew my ability to handle all situations with ease and grace, while taking responsibility for my actions. Help me to learn from my life experiences and become more empowered. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my hands, fingers, and wrists to their maximum strength, health and flexibility.


Divine Healing Energy, remove all blockages, limitations, beliefs that there is not enough, suppressed emotions, feelings of guilt and anger from my joints. Renew feelings of flexibility, movement, flow of love, happiness and joy. Allow me to move forward with ease and grace. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my joints to their maximum strength, flexibility and well being.


Divine Healing Energy, please activate my healing abilities and allow green healing light to flow into my kidneys. Please help me release all guilt, apathy, resentment, negativity, distrust and regret from my kidneys. Please assist me to take responsibility for my life, forgive myself for past mistakes and move forward with renewed confidence and positivity. Thank You.

Please heal and revitalize my kidneys and related organs to their maximum health and well being.


Divine Healing Energy, help me to stop rejecting, invalidating and neglecting myself, and taking myself for granted. I direct you to release all the ways I feel unworthy, weak, disempowered and lost from my ovaries. Help me to value, honor and listen to my intuition and divine guidance. Allow me to take pleasure in my femininity, sensuality and physicality. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my ovaries and all related organs to their maximum health and well being.