Healing Prayers: A-F

How To Use Healing Prayers

When working with the healing prayers, begin by first deciding where the healing is needed. Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths. Clear your thoughts as best you can; concentrate on your source of discomfort or pain. This may or may not be located where you believe your ailment is. Take as long as you need to locate this point, and then slowly through deep breathing, identify type of discomfort you are experiencing. (Sharp pain, discomfort, ache, etc.) When you are satisfied with your message, go to that body part listed in the healing prayer book and recite the prayer associated with the physical source. Repeat the prayer daily at a minimum to receive the maximum benefit.


Divine Healing Energy, remove all toxic thoughts and feelings, old painful experiences, stuckness, struggle and ejection out of my abdomen. Please install feelings and experiences of ease, relaxation and freedom. I now invite healing, loving, empowering energy into my life. Thank you.

Regenerate my abdomen and all related organs to their full health and vitality.


Divine Healing Energy, resolve all the worry, emotional and mental baggage I carry, anger, struggle, suffering, conflict and victim hood from my back. Please install feelings and experiences of support, confidence, self-belief, trust, freedom, abundance and success. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my back and all body structure to its maximum strength, vitality and flexibility.


Divine Healing Energy, release all burdens, disempowerment, low self-esteem, suppression of feelings, anxiety and fear from my chest. Please show a way for me to experience a life of ease, freedom, creativity and love. Help me to find peace and tranquility in my heart and soul. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my chest, lungs, and heart to their maximum strength, vitality and well being.


Divine Healing Energy, remove all negativity, guilt, anger, resentment, stuckness, frustration and criticism out of my ears. Please bring me to experience harmony, peace, clarity, balance, increased self-esteem, love and appreciation. Thank you

Please heal and regenerate my ears and hearing abilities to their maximum capacity and well being.


Divine Healing Energy, relieve all strain, stress, false masks, old fashioned beliefs and struggles from my face. Please bring to the surface my ability to face life with courage, faith, and inner strength. Allow me to lighten up, connect with my spirit and find new, constructive ways to live my life. Bring to the surface my innocence, purity and shining potential. Thank you.

Please heal and regenerate my face to its maximum health, vitality and beauty.