Spiritual Quotes on Energy Healing

This video features quotes from a well-respected energy healer. You can send and receive positive spiritual energy for any purpose. You can leave a personal request for anything, be it money, health, healing, relationships, or prayers for someone else, even your pets.

These are personal requests that anyone who sees it will send you positive energy for. If you are interested in alternative healing, health, the aura, hara, four star dimension, positive alignment, pranic healing, or healing related to crystals, meditation, therapeutic touch, distant, remote, distance, absent, and intuitive healing energies the Barbara Brennan method should be looked at.

One thought on “Spiritual Quotes on Energy Healing

  1. In search of healing of mind,body and spirit..I want to remove the blocks which keep me from the true essence of who I really Am…I want to be thankful for me and all of life..The beauty that surrounds me…So with that said in all my HONESTY from deep within my being.. Please help me to heal within..Thank you in advance for your time and LOVE in helping me help myself… Peace love and light….. Joe

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