Path as a Spiritual Healer

My focus in this lifetime has been on spiritual healing. This certainly was not my idea or plan. It does seem that from an early age Spirit was preparing me to be a spiritual coach and spiritual healer. Both have given me the opportunity to share what I needed to learn.

Living my journey, there was many times I got into conflict about Dreams, Fantasy, Magic, Faith, God and Trust. During my early years I was very connected to the Deva kingdom, those wonderful fairies, angels, and nature beings that reside in our trees and gardens. I felt the presence of magical energy around me all the time. I really thought I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and lived my inner life in a world of opulence and abundance. Although my outer world did not reflect that, it had no effect on me. I knew who I was and felt empowered and clear in that area.

When I got into my early teen years and later when I was married and had children, I lost touch with the magical world that was so much a part of me. My external reality reflected the abundance I had felt earlier on, but I denied myself the experience of living that fully. During that time it became apparent that Spiritual Coaching and Spiritual Healing were going to play a major part in the rest of my life experience. Intuitively, I could see I needed both in order to survive and maintain my sanity.

As I began to focus on a spiritual journey, I was exposed to many different paths and choices. Sometimes I embraced the magical fantasy life that I had touched base with as a child, and at other times became very focused on disciplining myself to be dedicated and focus my energy on listening to God and inner direction. The two worlds didn’t always mesh, and often felt like they were in conflict. Once again I had to rely on the tools I gathered as a coach and healer to keep me in balance.

The mystical path and teachings I had been studying didn’t address the dreams and fantasies of the child within. They spoke to my higher self and the adult and were very clear on direction and focus. They didn’t seem to address the fairies, angels and the whole Deva Kingdom where my imagination and dreams resided. The coach and healer within were definitely telling me I would not have to give up that part of me. The imaginative creative energy force that is so much a part of my nature needed to be expressed.

Slowly I became aware of the imbalance I was creating by being so hard on myself. It was a blessing to share this with my coaching and healing clientele. Being an example and a mentor is such an integral part of my work. As I allowed the child within to come out and play, speak, and let her be free again it has inspired my client’s to do the same.

Presently I am continuing to bring out the magical part of my nature and let the colorful imagination integrate with the rest of me. That feels somewhat daunting but I know it is time to allow that and will trust and remain open to the process.

Iriana Yoshara

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