Long Distance Healing

The best long distance healing is done with the utmost skill and love. Distance healings are one of the most potent forms of healing that is available in our world today. In my 20 years of working as a healing arts professional, I have been amazed over and over at the results that can be produced via absent energy healings. Miraculous happenings, in fact! Here are some important tips to know.

How It Works

Remote healing transcend the boundaries of every day life. What normally appears to be impossible becomes possible in the world of this alternative therapy. Time and space become almost non existent as you move into the spiritual or scientific realm of unlimited potentials. You literally can enter into the quantum realm and choose your outcomes. Now mind you this level of quantum distance healing has to be done by a skilled professional in the holistic therapies.

Personal Time

The recipient of the energy transfer often is asked to relax and focus on the healing session while the treatment is being done. It is not always necessary to stop your regular life and focus on the healing but most practitioners find it easier. Relaxing and creating a private space can be helpful when dealing with any absent healing session. It is a personal time to balance and become more whole. Honoring your experience when you are finished with the remote energy transfer is also very key.

Focus of Healing

The healer or initiator of the energy exchange, can be any distance away from the receiver. Usually the person on the receiving end has talked with the practitioner or at least sent in a request with brief points of information in regards to any ailments or issues being dealt with during the exchange.

Take Precautions

The healing practitioner has to take special precautions to ensure that the client is well protected and able to handle the power of the current being transmitted. Distant healings can actually be more intense than an alternative health treatment given in person. Interestingly enough, the time of the healing can also be shorter than for that of the in person treatment. When a distance healing therapist is able to utilize more than one modality within the distance session even better results will follow.

Powerful Combination’s

The best holistic health modalities to use with long distance healing are: quantum holographic healing, sound therapy, crystal therapy, reiki healing, path-working, kabalistic healing, shamanic journeying, music therapy, chakra balancing, to name a few of my favorites. Frequency entrainment, pranic healing, energy balancing, vibrational medicine and spiritual healing are also ones I would recommend.

I have seen the most powerful outcomes created with the use of crystals, sound, vibration, pure frequencies and distance healing energy. I have also seen the most unbelievable changes occur with this combination of alternative therapies. There really are many things that have a huge impact on our lives that we cannot see. I feel that healing via distance is one such mystery. Hard to see, only until the outcome becomes clear … very much like love!


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