Living Mysteries Of Spirit Energy

To say that we’re living in amazing times is an understatement and one that probably every generation said to one degree or another. What makes our era so rich and dynamic is the exponential warp speed through which we are traveling. Additionally, we are entering that consciousness wherein we know that we don’t know;  but,  that we’re going to soon!

Much of the church is coming out of their doctrinal and creedal certainties, and into the light of the unknown.

The field of energy (Spirit) healing is a good example of what’s happening, and I love the statement by Elmer Green (Ph.D.  Applied Psycho-physiology) of the Menninger Foundation when he wrote, “What we have seen and measured in our laboratory (as healers have been tested while healing) is not possible! But it happens anyway.” Don’t you just love it when what we think isn’t so? And how much of what we believe with great certitude is just factually untrue?

Most Christians simply can’t and won’t entertain such thoughts.

We are witnessing a new reformation and one that I believe will accomplish what the Martin Luther Reformation didn’t. The pain of giving up on long-held doctrinal beliefs won’t be easy, but for those who make the transition, it will be glorious. The shift in consciousness isn’t limited to any one segment of society. Due to the basic inherent conservative nature of religion, it might be more difficult for them to accept the change as compared to science.

Professor Candace Pert (Rutgers University) spoke for many with this statement.

“As a scientist, I believe we’re going to understand everything one day, but this understanding will require bringing in a realm we don’t understand at all yet. We’re going to have to bring in that extra-energy realm, the realm of Spirit and soul that Descartes kicked out of Western scientific thought.” And how much of the Gnostic teachings that the church has kicked out will we have to bring back? The OBFUSCATION that’s been practiced by far too many religions will have to cease.

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