6 Months to Live

Suzanna Marcus is an internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher, energy healer and author, who travels the globe leading individuals and groups in meditation and transformation. She has been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups for over two decades.

Her experience is a culmination of extensive training in healing, alternative medicine, counseling, mystics and the visual arts. This background has provided Suzanna with particular gifts, offering others a unique healing experience. Suzanna is dedicated to raising levels of consciousness and awakens us to the path of creative divinity which exists within each one of us connecting us to our full potential.

One thought on “6 Months to Live

  1. Suzanna is indeed a remarkable woman. I met her years ago at a healing resort in Lemon Grove, Southern California, when she was still in the throes of healing her own cancer. I found her inspirational, modest, kind and extremely generous with her love and caring.

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